Release Date Issuance No. Subject References
August 5, 2019 UHYMAC-2019-0016 SEC Memorandum Circular No. 16
July 2019 UHYMAC-2019-015 IFRS16 Leases
July 2019 UHYMAC-2019-014 IFRS 9 Financial Instrument
July 2019 UHYMAC-2019-013 IFRS15 Revenue Recognition
June 2019 UHYMAC-2019-012 PHIL.ID
June 2019 UHYMAC-2019-011 Processing of Applications for Tax Clearance for Bidding Purposes
June 2019 UHYMAC-2019-010 Regulations of Barangay Micro Business Enterprises (BMBEs)
June 2019 UHYMAC-2019-009 AMLA for Lawyers, Accountants and Service Providers
May 2019 UHYMAC-2019-008 Claims for Refund of CGT
May 2019 UHYMAC-2019-007 Inclusion and Deletion of Top Withholding Agents
May 2019 UHYMAC-2019-006 SEC Guidelines on the Establishment of OPC
April 2019 UHYMAC-2019-005 SSS Penalty Condonation
March 2019 UHYMAC-2019-004 Revised Corporation Code
February 2019 UHYMAC-2019-003 Tax Amnesty Vetoed
February 2019 UHYMAC-2019-002 The Eleventh Regular Foreign Investment Negaive List